poison dart frog auratus Do want to learn how to build your own custom terrarrium?

If you wonder how to make a terrarium or a paludarium, TerrariumConstruction.com permits you to follow step by step construction of my terrarium. I detail steps and share with you useful links (e-commerce websites for buying terrarium supplies, forums, ...), some photos,...

First, I want to apologize for my bad English. Be indulgent.
I'm not pretending that my method is the one and only because there are lot of way for vivarium building. This is just one among the others. You mustn't forget technical nature of terrarium, paludarium or vivarium making because you could have some troubles. But if you are a bit DIY man and can access required tools, it is not very difficult but before starting you must think about all.
In the past I had standards terrariums for providing shelter for dart frogs or tree frogs but I decided to think about something taller and more adapted. By the way I decided to start construction of a terrarium/paludarium. I couldhave bought a turnkey stuff but it's not interesting. I want precise that at the beginning I wished just the tank, but I found that adding a cupboard for hiding technical stuffs such as power pump, filters,... was a good idea if we plan to place it in a living room. 3D -renders permits to visualize the what I 'm talking about. For more I want to precise some advantages of wood. First, it's a natural insulating which permits to keep required temperature easier than with glass. Second advantage is that our reptiles are visible only on front and permits to reduce the stress.
Learn now how to build a terrarium!